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U Save Bargains

At U Save our goal is to keep everyone safe as the country works through the Covid-19 pandemic.

As an essential business we are here to assist your needs but our retail store will not be open for browsing. We will assist customers curbside on an individual basis. See our inquiry form on our contact page to email us to receive quotes or to place orders on line.

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New item now carrying Sound Guard Pro Flooring Pad see it on the  Shop Now page

Get the Most Value for Your Money

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach us anytime.



Take advantage of the great deals offered by U Save Bargains. Check out some of our specials on this page. We make sure our prices lower than the competition. For more details, please contact us in Orlando, Florida.

All New Grade-A

Pine Primed 5-1/4" Baseboard

#688 or #5180

Only $0.89 per foot

16' stick $14.24

5-1/4” Crown Molding

FJ Pine-Pre-Primed Pine 16' foot

All New Grade-A Material

Only $0.89 per foot- 16' stick $14.24

7' Colonial Door Casing Legs

$3.99 each

Delta Howe Casing

17 ft. stick $22.95

Glass Inserts

For  fiberglass doors

Starting at only $30.00

Many sizes available

Sidelites in stock 

Transcoms in stock

Mini Blind  Inserts in Stock

Exterior Door Slabs

36"x80" | 32"x80"

With Insulated Glass in stock

NEW Door Slabs

Exterior 6-Panel Slabs 6'8" - $149.00 each

Interior 6-Panel Slabs Hollow core $49.00

6 Panel Textured Hollow Core Bi-Fold Doors

18" x80" -$69.00 - 24" x 80" - $69.00

30"x80"- $79.00 / 36"x80" - $89.00

Solid Pine Door /Frosted Glass $99.00- 18"x 96", 30" x 96", 32" x96", 36" x96"

Exterior Door Fanlite with 2 Side Lites $1350.00

Oak Pantry- 18 x 84 $200.00

10 Lite RHIS $999.00

Pantry Door - 28" x 96" - $99.00

Sound Guard Pro - $35.00 * 100 sq ft roll

Modern Door- $500.00

Fir Exterior Door with Side Lite - RHOS 63" x 97" $999.00

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